Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Dumb High-School Boyfriends Made Good

In all my current blurriness, I have nothing better to do than look up old high-school people on the web.

I dated a Mormon guy my senior year of high school. He'd just moved from California, where he'd been converted by a girlfriend he kept talking about. Before his conversion, he used to be into drugs and rock-n-roll. After he arrived in Azle, Texas, he still played guitar, but the thrill was gone.

He was a nice person, but there was no spark. I tried mentally, though: At the time, I was into "exploring religion," so I attended his branch of the Mormon church in Azle (and took to reading the Book of Mormon). (One of the elders had no answer when I asked him where cave people came from, since Adam and Eve allegedly appeared so perfectly intact...) There was also a big dramatic moment when I was working on the school paper, and he left the newsroom, saying he was going home... When I looked downstairs, there he was, talking to some other girl! When he called me that night, there was a big blow-up over the girl...He ended up driving 20 miles to appease me. For no reason, really. After dating for about 2 months, we broke up soon after.

Anyway... When I just looked him up, I found out he is now an Assistant Principal in Utah----making $68,000 a year! The guy was stupid! Not said in a mean way, but the guy was really not very intelligent at all! And he's now making $68,000 a year! What the fuck!


Tai said...

It's funny to see transplants from other parts of the country that come to my native state of New York and think $68,000 is a lot of money to make for an annual salary. You'll never survive in New York City if you're not making at least six figures and if you haven't done that by the time your 40, you most likely never will honey.

Beth Austin said...

Darlin', you're now the third person who's told me that "you can't make it in New York without a 6-figure salary." I've been here for a year-and-a-half now, and that just isn't the case.

First to say so was my old high-school friend that I met up with last year when I first came here. She lived in Brooklyn in a small one-bedroom apartment in a not-great neighborhood, paying $1300 for it. She claimed to be making 6 figures as a Wall Street secretary. And said that she couldn't afford to live on that! I didn't get why not!

The second person to tell me that was the last roommate I had. His half of the rent was $775. He also said he was making over $100,000 a year, but he was always broke, always turning his share of the rent and bills in late.

At the lowest end of "6 figures," you'd be making @ $9,000 a month! What the heck does a person do with all of that money?

As for me personally: Last year as a project employee, I was making about $4500 a month. (A meager 5-figure salary, @ $50,000 a year.) After paying my $1500 rent and all of my bills and after deducting the cost of groceries and cigs and spending money, etc., I always had a couple of thousand left over every month just sitting there.

Further proof that one can indeed live on MUCH lower than a 6-figure salary here: Since the project job ended, I've been living on about $2,500 a month doing temp work! Admittedly, I'm not going out and doing much, or buying any new clothes or appliances, so I wouldn't recommend that amount as a salary (!), but still... All my rent and bills are paid, I'm eating and drinking and smoking regularly, etc. It ain't THAT much of a hardship!

So, sorry, what you (and the other two) say just doesn't make any sense at all, from first-hand experience!