Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sister Sarah

This whole thing is hilarious. I love seeing "Mr. Cool" Obama freaking out on the trail, stooping to creepy "lipstick on a pig" comments---then the Harvard Law grad, usually so sure of his language, denying he had any idea of his comment's connotations.

His camp's highly disturbed and frazzled because he's no longer the "hot new thing."

I don't know why I'm feeling so gleeful about Palin's current upsurgence. Maybe it's left-over bitterness about the Obama/Hillary campaign. Hillary, the stalwart, run over by the new guy who had nothing to say but the slogan, "Change." (When, in fact, as Hillary herself said in one of the interminable debates, she'd been working for change for 35 years.) And then Obama's support for federal wiretapping. And his campaigning against NAFTA in Michigan earlier this year while secretly telling Canadian officials he was for it. And his snarky comments to a San Francisco crowd that working-class America was just clinging to "religion and guns," or somesuch. (As Palin aptly said in her convention speech: "Where most of us come from, we don't talk one way in Scranton, PA, and another way in San Francisco." Amen, sister.)

I've voted Democrat since I was first able to vote. Mondale, Dukakis, Clinton, Gore, Kerry.

And I've always mocked people who claimed to not be able to make up their minds so close to election day.

But I'm honestly torn. Obama's stances are ideal. I'd vote for him in a second if I thought he meant what he said. But he doesn't, as the NAFTA and wiretapping instances demonstrate. And it's true that he's little more than a showboat: First elected to the US Senate in 2004, he began his campaign for President only a year later.

And he mocks Palin for being governor of Alaska for only 18 months. (As I mentioned before, she's made many more executive decisions that she's directly accountable for and that affected her citizens than Obama's ever made. And her approval rating is 80% in her state.)

That said, it's not PALIN vs. Obama. If you compare McCain vs. Obama, there's also a huge disparity in the quality of decision-making. McCain, as Senator, was, and is, a true legislator---major attempts at finance reform, immigration reform. Obama, on the other hand, hasn't done a thing other than talk a good game and hype himself. McCain's visually an old, stiff geezer, but at least he has an actual record of serving his country, whether physically (as a POW) or legislatively (in the Senate). Obama, on the other hand, has done nothing so far, other than, as Hillary Clinton said, "give a good speech in 2002."

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