Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Dusty Springfield: Wishin' and Hopin'

Look, especially, at the cutaways. She's amazing! (Note to ex-lover Carole Pope: If Dusty Springfield wanted to drag her drunk ass home at 6 a.m.... OK, some people should get a little slack just because they're...DUSTY SPRINGFIELD!) ;)


Anonymous said...

Wow... this is awesome. Never really was familiar with her but now have a whole new interest.

That little "yeah" at 2:30 is too cute. Love her style.

Beth Austin said...

For real! :) I'm gay, and I knew Dusty Springfield was gay, and that therefore I was supposed to like her, but I'd always just thought that she was "OK." I thought "Preacher" was a great song, but didn't really think one way or the other about many of her other hits...

But once I started looking around YouTube and seeing her actually performances... Wow! I've either been knocked out by her actual hard-core singing skills, or by some of the really charming little touches in her performances! The more I watch her, the more I like her!