Wednesday, October 08, 2008

"She Loves You": Bouncy Brits vs. Sluggish Swedes

Here's the goosebump-raising Brit TV version, on "Ready, Steady, Go!" Introduced by the gay (nearly-my-girlfriend) Dusty Springfield making eyes at my boyfriend John Lennon (followed up by a discussion of Brigitte Bardot and dialectical materialism---really, I don't make this shit up).

And then here's the song again on Swedish TV's "Drop In" (where the only person moving is the always-exuberant Paul McCartney). These kids couldn't even get it up for the following rave-up "Twist and Shout" while the group was standing 6 inches away from them! Thank goodness the group went to Hamburg and not Stockholm to practice! (Sometimes it's good when Germans get excited.):

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