Thursday, December 18, 2008


In late October of this year, someone I knew from my college years 20 years ago came back into my life, briefly. Here's a poem I wrote for her last October:

The kid in her, at 46
Still smoking "wet"
Still screaming at the stars, coating the walls
with quotes from Ted Hughes
Bemoaning lost love and the god
she'd never given up

There was a walk we never took
A swim we never had
We never got wet, despite my wanting

And now we are not kids, I am so glad.


just one said...

not a very tough poem

Beth Austin said...

Naw... But I keep hearing "Now we are not kids I am so glad" in my head over and over. And I like the contrast between the two "wet" memories. What you didn't get/What I didn't get. Mine's a little less harsh.