Friday, February 20, 2009

Kudos from "Films in Review" columnist

Films in Review - David Del Valle blog

In the midst of a shitty week emotionally, I was pleased and proud to get an e-mail saying that the film critic David Del Valle had nominated my Joan Crawford website as one of his favorites online! Below is what he had to say in his "Films in Review" column (though, I must note--"The Best of Everything" is a regular website, not a blog!):


The ultimate Joan Crawford blog…even to call it a blog is to deny the full force of what this site does to keep the memory and career of Joan Crawford alive in a positive way. The book MOMMY DEAREST did this great star severe damage when her daughter made public what may or may not be the true picture of Crawford as a mother. However as a star there can be no question, she was one of the greatest and this site proves it over and over again. One of my favorite sites online.


It was really an honor, and a relief, to get an acknowledgment like that, especially at this difficult personal time. I may be inept at personal relations, but, by golly, I DO know how to convey the Spirit o' Joan to the world. Friends and lovers come and go, but in the grand scheme of things, it is the purity of the WORK that matters, that lasts, what you've given your heart and mind and soul directly to (as opposed to editing with your loved one in mind)...

I really have poured myself into "The Best of Everything" completely for the past 5 years, spending more than 30 hours a week (in addition to my full-time job) working on it. Why? Because a 27-year-old actress in a 1932 film once gave me goosebumps when I was 22... And ever since then, I've wanted the world to know exactly why she was so goosebump-raising. I thank god for the Internet, which gave me the means to channel my love and admiration for her into a forum that her admirers worldwide can share with me.

When national film historians (and Joan fans) like David Del Valle also take notice, it's delicious icing on the cake. Thank you, David!


8thdayplanner said...

Congratulations on your blog kudos.

Sorry its been a shitty week for you.

And I love the expression "sluice of sunrise" from your previous post. I have to try to work that into a conversation somehow.

Beth Austin said...

Thanks for your congrats, and sympathies. (RE the latter: Geez, people are hard work...)

RE "sluice": I was excited about coming up with that! :) That really is what the sunlight looks like when it's streaming east through the Manhattan streets in the morning! A neat thing.