Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Slumdog Valentine!

My Valentine's Day ended up not sucking after all, thanks to seeing this beautiful, heart/gut-wrenching movie.(IMDB page)

Wow, what a ride!

I spent the whole movie either laughing so hard I was crying, or swallowing hard to keep from crying, or giving up and just crying, or muttering "oh shit!" or "oh my god!" under my breath from the plot tension...All the while marvelling wide-eyed at the thrilling visuals and tapping my foot to the catchy soundtrack (which I'm ordering tonight).

Here're the end credits to the movie, accompanied by its Oscar-nominated song "Jai Ho." I just teared up again while watching the video, just as I did watching it at the end of the grateful for the experience that I'd just had, and the gift of yet one more thing!

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