Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Silly Geese

I work in North Jersey, relatively "out in the country" (at least by Northeast standards), at a "campus" that houses thousands of people. It's been cool to watch the Canadian geese hanging around, even during the snows. They're big and sassy, constantly strutting and flying around, not scared of people. And...they poop as big as puppies! Seriously, while walking from my bus one day, I saw a couple of goose-piles on the sidewalk and had to ask a fellow passenger: "Did someone have their dog here? What DID that?"

Being from Texas, I'd never encountered such big beasts of birds before! Aside from their poop, I also had to inquire, when they were hunting around for food in the snow a couple of weeks ago: "I thought geese were supposed to fly SOUTH for the winter! What are they doing hanging around Jersey in this cold?" The person I was talking to said, "They're CANADIAN geese! This IS 'South'!" :) :) Ohhh! :)

One last thought: A few weeks ago, after the "Miracle on the Hudson" emergency plane landing, because the emergency was caused by said Canadian geese flying into the engines of the plane, a bunch of yahoos, both legislative and civilian, started coming up with plans like "Let's shoot all of those geese"; "Let's douse their eggs with gasoline"; etc. etc. Just wondering: Did those kill-happy idiots ever think about perhaps installing lightweight grills over the engines so that no flying beasts could be sucked into them? Hmmmm...

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