Tuesday, April 14, 2009


My cat Gracie is a beautiful example of "Grace Under Pressure," so to speak. She can barely move now, hasn't been eating in a week. BUT here's a neat thing... Tonight I sat down next to her and was stroking her while singing all of our songs: "Gracie, the Gracie-Cat...", "Knee-high to a beehive," "Honey-bee, oh the Honey-bee"... OK, dorky stuff like that. In the past, she loved my singing, would, upon hearing, dramatically flop down on her back with her paws up so I could then pet her belly, after which she'd be in "pleasure-mode" and start to lick her paw and clean her face with it... She's been so weak and sickly lately that she hasn't been able to groom herself; I've had to clean her eyes for her, with warm-wet paper towels... But tonight, when I was petting her, she reeeeeeeaaaaaallllllly struggled to roll over on her back for the first time in weeks... It must've hurt her, but she did it. And so I was able to stroke her belly, like I used to. And then she reverted to her old self for just a second, and licked her paw and swiped at her face with it several times... Seeing that, I had a brief flicker of hope ("she's not dying!"), but then she collapsed from the effort.

My beautiful friend who used to bring me bird-hearts!

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