Monday, April 06, 2009

Happy News Day

I feel like I've been in a huge funk for at least the past 2 weeks now, probably more like the past month or more, due to the impending demise of my job and my inability to get along with someone I really do like a lot.

But, ya know, you can only walk around feeling crappy for so long before a day with some nice things hits ya! In chronological order:

(1) 7am. I live in Weehawken, in Jersey just across the Hudson from NYC. When I first moved here a year or so ago in 2008, the "gypsy buses" taking you into the city cost $2.00. After a few months, the price went up to $2.50. A minor hike, but still...enough to bum you out at a time when EVERYTHING seems to be going up... Today, though, as I disembarked in Manhattan: Was handing the driver my usual $2.50, and he gave me back my change: "That's not the price any more." I looked at him, puzzled, thinking, "Jesus! Now it's $3 and I'm going to hold up the line while I fish around for the extra dollar..." Turned out... the price went BACK DOWN TO $2.00! :)

(2) Noon. Watching TV during lunch at work, saw the scroll at the bottom of MSNBC, something like "Sallie Mae to stop outsourcing and re-add 2,000 jobs to US in 18 months..." WHAT?! This doesn't affect me personally, since I have no connection with, or desire to work for, the Sallie Mae student loan corp., but... Philosophically, what a great development! All I've been hearing for the past 5 years or so is the "trend" of US companies to outsource jobs overseas because it's cheaper. (The traitors! I've always been utterly irked by this. I'm not a protectionist, yet the whole unfettered free-trade philosophy of Bush had gone utterly too far, at the extreme expense of US workers. I've witnessed this personally in the publishing field, with many quality-control jobs being farmed out to India, for example. And coming back haphazardly done and having to be re-done by ME, such an oh-so-expensive American worker.) And now to see a headline about US companies bringing their jobs back home to the US?! Some fairness and sanity in policy! It felt good to see a company do the right thing.
Sallie Mae to add 2,000 jobs to US in 18 months

(3) 7pm. Trolling around job boards. The pickins being slim lately, not expecting to see much. But, lo and behold, a job asking for an experienced copy editor with an English degree AND experience writing and editing for the web... I almost physically raised my hand: "Me, ME!" And the job is in CHELSEA! (After 2 years in this area, my 2 absolute favorite parts of Manhattan are Chelsea and Union Square.) Now, they're probably going to get 1,000 applicants. And so I'm not expecting anything. BUT... I'm darn qualified. And I can now DREAM about being back in the city again! AND in Chelsea!

(4) 8pm. Seems like my-girlfriend-Lindsay and Sam Ronson have broken up, allegedly "for good." Locks changed, et al. Boo-hoo! I did enjoy this blurb from USWeekly: "On her Twitter page, Lohan posted to Ronson: PLEASE leave me ALONE. and stop staying in the room below me, you've woken me and my mother up. go to bed. keep cheating u win." Actually, I think they made a cute couple. I'm just jealous of Ronson, is all. Because of my schadenfreude, this does indeed count as part of MY "good day"! :) (Another dream: Walking around in Chelsea during my lunch hour, stumbling upon a solo Lindsay desperately in need of a cigarette... I am THERE!) :)

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