Friday, April 03, 2009

In the future, whenever I'm thinking I'm overly...

...sensitive and peevish, I shall happily recall the below quote from this week's "New Yorker," which proves that someone is indeed more peevish than me (from the article "A Nervous Splendor: The Wittgenstein family had a genius for misery"):

"Bad temper and extreme nervous tension were endemic in the family. One day, when Paul was practicing at one of the seven grand pianos in their winter home, the Palais Wittgenstein, he leaped up and shouted at his brother Ludwig in the room next door, 'I cannot play when you are in the house, as I feel your skepticism seeping towards me from under the door!'"

I'm going to have to memorize that line and use it on someone! :)

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