Monday, April 20, 2009

Joel Osteen Saved My Life! (part 2)

Ooops! He did it again! Again...just kidding! (But check out the above link: "Osteen to bless Yankee Stadium and bring hope to the Bronx"! ;p Holy---so to speak---crap!)

But I did end up accidentally catching him for a second Sunday night in a row last night at the end of an extremely horrible week. Seriously, the last time I felt as bad as I did last week was back in September 2001 when I found out Julie was a man!

He's not a profound man by any stretch (Osteen, not Julie, that is!) but he's a cheerful fellow and has a knack for telling little everyday-life tales that make me, at least, feel a little better. Last week's "lesson" was, if you're feeling buried, think of it more like "planted," like a seed, rather than "buried." Okey-doke!

This week's was, if you're feeling low, don't bitch at god but rather thank "him" (my quotes, not Osteen's) for things he's done in the past and will do in the future... Turns out I'd already been doing that, check. And I'm starting to see a pattern in Osteen: He's good about focusing on daily irritations and trying to get you to trick yourself out of being irritated. Then he relates a story about himself, this time about an annoying security guy at the airport who yelled at him when he didn't open his carry-on bag quickly enough, and the patience that Osteen had to find. It's pleasant, low-key stuff. Not challenging, but still mildly comforting.

So anyway, I'm not going to start seeking out his show, but I am nicely surprised that I'm able to watch him and get in a better mood as opposed to immediately mocking him.

What really got me in a better mood Sunday, though, was the series of PBS shows that come on late-night, all about the Universe... One show was talking about light years and time travel. Even as a kid, when I lived out in the country and could actually see stars every night, I would lie outside and look up and think about the fact that the light that I was seeing from THAT star, or THAT one, left it however many thousands or millions of years ago, and I'm just now seeing it, and the star itself might not even exist any more... And the show really blew my mind by pointing out that someone with a telescope could be watching OUR sun and/or planetary system right now and --- get this! --- they could be looking at what's going on on Earth 10,000 years ago or something! They could be looking at our PAST, which is their PRESENT... I can only just barely grasp that concept, that the past here might be happening right now for an observer thousands of light years away, for whom the information is only now arriving...

Another interesting concept discussed: The so-called "dark matter" that makes up the greatest percentage of the Universe -- It's invisible, but it exerts its own force. What the heck is it? Scientists don't know. A couple of years ago, my sister-in-law and I also happened to be watching a show talking about dark matter, and we both looked at each other and said, basically at the same time: "It's souls." Even back when I was a teenager, I used to think about the scientific truth that "energy cannot be created or destroyed; it just changes form." So then, I'd wonder, what happens to people's life-energy when they die? Then just a few years ago, I started hearing mainstream science shows and magazine articles talking about said "dark matter" that has scientists puzzled. Call me crazy, but "souls"/"life energy" makes perfect (well, intuitive) sense to me! :)

At any rate, all of the television talk about the Universe and its mysteries last night was interesting to think about as I went to sleep, and even more uplifting than Joel Osteen's calm in the face of his belligerent airport security man!

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