Thursday, April 30, 2009

The POST giveth, the POST taketh away

Goddammit, can't there be just ONE nice thing left in the world, for pete's sake? Thanks, NYPOST, for bursting my happy bubble about Jon and Kate Gosselin of "Jon & Kate Plus 8"!

POST article
US WEEKLY article

Last spring, when I was last unemployed, I was hanging around the house a whole lot with nothing to do and got hooked on TLC's "Jon & Kate Plus 8." The reality show was rather annoyingly over-wholesome, but still nice. (Jon and Kate Gosselin had had fertility treatments and had given birth to sextuplets. They already had twin girls, hence the "8." The show's just a feel-good look at their daily lives with the 8 kids.)

For some reason, it was interesting to me to see how all the kids got fed, how the family arranged sleeping quarters, how they all went to DisneyWorld or attended local parades or celebrated Valentine's Day, etc.

Yes, Kate was/is overbearing and an anal control-freak. I cringed the time she was yelling at Jon at the top of her lungs in a WalMart... And the time when Jon was riding bikes in the driveway with some of the kids and then on a whim took off by himself down the block: "JON!!! JON!!!! Get back here!!!!!!!!!!" [to kids] "Daddy's leaving us." At the latter, I kind of thought, "Gee, you're being obnoxious, Kate. Let the man ride his bike!" A sentiment echoed months later on a segment of E!'s "The Soup," when the host played yet another clip of Kate bitchin' at Jon, then announced a new (fake) show, "Jon Minus 9."

But, in the grand scheme of TV things, I also thought Kate was attractive and wry and funny. And Jon, cute and laid back and patient. Both seemed sane, and good with the kids, at least on camera.

And now the POST reports that Jon's out getting drunk at 2am with a woman he calls "Babe" while his wife's on a book tour for..."Eight Little Faces" of all things??

This is just TERRIBLE news! Can't something just be NICE for once?

I realize how silly it is to expect something from people on a reality TV show... but... damn! I kind of had hopes for the family!

They weren't some creepy religious freaks who just wouldn't stop having kids, like on the "20 Kids and Counting" show, or whatever it's called (also on TLC); they weren't sleazy, like the "Octomom"'s story is...

What's next? Susan Boyle plucking her eyebrows and having liposuction??

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