Thursday, May 21, 2009

Adam Lambert = Elvis/Bowie

Although gay myself, I really am bored by generic asexual "goody-goody" gay guys like Ryan Seacrest (and Seacrest lookalike Neil), Clay Aiken, et al. Gay guys like that, utterly devoid of any sexuality and/or personality, give "gay" and "man" a boringly cheesy name. Turning to them for inspiration is like being turned on by your local PTA president.

Then there's Adam Lambert... I hadn't watched "American Idol" all season, until 2 weeks ago, after I'd been hearing in the media that there was going to be an Idol showdown between a "flamboyant gay guy" and a "guy from the the heartland." Stereotypically flamboyant gay guys usually get on my nerves, as do stereotypically wholesome-slash-pseudo-edgy straight guys.

When I finally tuned in to "Idol" a couple of weeks ago to see for myself, though... Kris Allen, the heartland-guy, really was a generic spiky-haired non-entity, singing whatever song in a generically husky voice that sounded like the equally generic Keith Urban.

Adam Lambert, on the other hand: Damn! That is a MAN!

However gay or bi he is, he's also completely original, very male, very powerfully sexy and intense in an "Elvis/Bowie/Freddie Mercury" way...and he's also a goose-bump-inspiringly beautiful singer.

The yawningly bland Kris Allen won the actual show competition tonight, but... Adam Lambert is the first American Idol singer whose CD I will probably actually buy. And the first American Idol singer who will probably actually be remembered.

Here's Lambert's Tears for Fears "Mad World" performance on AI earlier this season:

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