Monday, May 25, 2009

Adam Lambert: Ring of Fire

Dang! You listen to this and tell me it doesn't give you goosebumps.

And here's the thing: Lambert did this version of the song on "American Idol" after working beforehand with the traditional-country artist Randy Travis, who expressed his bewilderment at Lambert's choice of song delivery. I like and respect judge Randy Travis and original artist Johnny Cash, but I'm also greatly admiring of the kid Lambert for daring to re-work a classic, one that no one thought could be re-done in any way other than the original.

This version equals Johnny Cash's. No, you know what, it surpasses it. Who the hell should be as deadpan as Cash is when confronted with the burning demons of desire. Really now. Was Cash trying to be funny? Or just doing the song the best manly way he knew how? Frankly, I'm sick of irony and "cool." Lambert's howling, swirling version of the song's desire hits a thousand times more close to home for me.

(Apologies for the ads stuck over Lambert's face in this video. Courtesy of the idiot who posted it on YouTube. This was the best audio version of the song I could find, though. So please listen and not look!)

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