Wednesday, May 13, 2009


This Sunday, May 10, a fellow Joan Crawford-fan and I went out to visit Joan's Ferncliff crypt in Hartsdale, New York, on the anniversary of her death.

Months ago, my old digital camera had broken, and I'd just recently bought a new digital camera, which I took out to Ferncliff.

I shot dozens of photos of the crypt, and of the flowers delivered by us Joan-fans, with the new camera.

When I got home, though, and tried to download them... My computer is from 2000, with the Windows ME system. The new camera will only operate with Windows XP and newer. I couldn't download any of my Ferncliff pictures to my computer.

I cried, I apologized profusely to the Joan fans who had contributed money to the flower fund and were now unable to see any photos of their efforts.

Embarrassed, I stayed off the Internet for two days to hang my head in shame. And when I returned... Had a money contribution, had an offer to send me a laptop, had a message from the florists offering to help me download the photos...

I was feeling so extremely, extremely low and guilty... And to get back online and see the kindness and generosity of people... I can't get over how utterly NICE people were...

Several years ago, when I lived in Austin and, long-distance, ordered flowers delivered to Ferncliff but was unable to travel to the New York area to take pictures to "prove" the flowers had been delivered, a "rival Joan Crawford web-master" accused me of stealing the money... That creepy accusation has stayed with me. Ever since then, I've always assumed that each year's flower-fund drive would be doubted, unless I immediately showed photographs...

This year, I was indeed unable to immediately show photographs... And those who knew me backed me up 100% and offered to help with the download that I'd had problems with.

I'm extremely grateful for such utter kindness and faith.

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