Saturday, May 16, 2009

Proof is in the Bagels

On my last day of work Friday:

Got a big mass o' "goodbye bagels" and "goodbye Munchkins"! An older co-worker whom I've been clashing with for weeks bought the bagels, which was kindly of her. (Funnily, she sent out an e-mail to the department saying that I was leaving and that there were bagels: The majority of people wandering into my room were indeed there to say 'bye first and foremost, but then there was the one cheesy person whom I'd never ever spoken to before who just wanted the bagels! I had to laugh at her wishing me well! "Who ARE you, Woman?")

My one office-mate, whom I've bitched about before, and I were also on a creative tear today, giddy with the idea of me being gone, I'm sure. All of a sudden, we decided that we were going to write and star in a sit-com, the running titles (all references to proofreading): READY, STET, GO!, BURDEN OF PROOF, BULLET-PROOF (proofreaders by day, crimefighters by night). Sadly, PROOF IS IN THE PUDDING got rejected...

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