Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Chocolate Factory

Hellllllllloooooooooooooooooooo NEW YORK CITY!!!!!!!!! But first just let me say: Ya know what I decidedly DON'T want to see any more on my way to and from work?


Or this:

Ho-hum, but enough about Jersey and what I USED TO see!

I've currently got a new temp job (though only for a few weeks). In Times Square, baby! :) A 15-minute bus-ride from Weehawken into Midtown, then a nice little 8-or-so minute stroll to my glamorous office building past...oh, just magic and life! Theaters and fashionable stores with pretty things and hot-dog vendors and bands playing at noon at the TKTS stand and New Yorkers meeting for drinks after work and tourists with giddily stunned looks on their faces and the show-offy, slap-happy neon! :) (Oh, plus the silly Naked Cowboy! I didn't shoot this picture I have up here, but I did see him yesterday!)

My favorite thing to see today was when I was walking around at lunch and happened to look up:

I actually stopped in my tracks and just stared. (Then quickly had to back up against a store-front to continue to stare, so I wouldn't be trampled by sidewalk passersby.) To me it wasn't commercial. It didn't make me want to go out and buy Twizzlers. It was just magical and pretty: "Like Willie Wonka's Chocolate Factory," I thought.

While I was still standing there gawking (and adultly sucking down a last cigarette before work), a local mom walked by with her little boy. She was walking fast, practically dragging him, but he managed to accidentally catch a quick glimpse up at all the humongous candy... and then he came to a screeching halt: "Mama! Look! It's Willie Wonka's factory!" To my relief, instead of jerking him on down the sidewalk, she actually stopped for a second with him and looked up at what he was seeing... and SAW it. They smiled at each other. And then she reverted to her "New York Mom"-ness and started to explain as they walked off (with him still looking back), "Well, of course it's not REALLY Willie Wonka's factory..." But that was neat to overhear, too. They'd had their second of real connection, and then it was still nice to hear her talk, albeit in a boring adult way, about what had so caught his eye, and mine.

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casu2 said...

From pee-cups and finger prints to
Willie Wonka´s factory? Is this NY??:)All is possible...
And maybe the reason why you love this city?