Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Leo horoscope for week of July 23

Did life feel meaningless last week? Was your destiny a random sequence of events shepherding you to a series of different nowheres? Even worse, were you convinced that human beings are toxic scum? If so, Leo, get ready for your mood to shift drastically. The whims of fate are mutating. Soon, a source of curses may be a fount of blessings. Enticing leads will rise up out of the midst of boredom. Human beings will fascinate and teach you, and every day will bring new signs to draw you deeper into delicious mysteries.


Yes. Yes. Yes. OK, I'm ready. Good. Good. Yay. YES PLEASE, SOON PLEASE!

Something's got to give. The energy is really, really mucked up. And, honestly, I don't know what to do about it..........


just one said...

oh well, there's fantasies about Austin and SaySay, there'san idea to be a private investigator, yes really, law firms hire them all the time. i do NEED to SEND YOU A WARDROBE.

Beth Austin said...

You're so deep and understanding.