Monday, August 17, 2009


I hate summer. And one of the main reasons why is the creepy-crawly things invading my house.

In the first 3 places I lived in in NYC and Joisey, none of my places seemed to have any, even my first roommate's place, which was absolutely FILTHY (grease covering the kitchen).

At my apartment now, though, which I've been in for the past year-and-a-half, both of these past 2 summers have been way too roach-y for me. Last summer, I think I saw/killed a total of 4 of those big, nasty cockroaches, plus 6 or 8 or so of some sort of weird centipede-y things that get up to 4 inches long and run very fast! Ick. This year, there have been several centipedies; and I just saw my first cockroach a couple of nights ago in the kitchen (and couldn't kill it -- THAT is the worst. Knowing it's still out there!)

In the summer, these bugs ruin my apartment for me! Once it's nighttime, I can't do anything -- go to the bathroom, go to the kitchen, lie down on the couch -- without constantly thinking I'm seeing crawling things out of the corner of my eye! [shudder]

I just put out a box of roach traps. Let's hope they help. (They usually do.)

When I lived in Austin, the big roaches were ALWAYS a problem. Not because I'm filthy (I'm always really careful about not leaving food out and completely rinsing off dishes), but because I've always liked living in older houses...which have plenty of cracks and crevices for roaches to get in. Every summer was a paranoid bug nightmare! (What's even worse in Austin, though, is... the baby lizards -- geckos, I think they are -- that also invade the houses. It's one thing to squash a roach, but... the little lizards are pinkish and see-through and leave guts when you SPLAT them with your shoe! Pretty traumatic.)

San Fran, where I lived for 2 years, was the best as far as bugs go...The windows there didn't even have screens! Maybe an occasional fly would come in, but that was no big deal.

Growing up out in the country in Azle (near Fort Worth), the main problem every summer was... SCORPIONS! They would crawl into washcloths, up on the ceiling, and on the carpet... And our carpet was a mottled mix of browns/tans/blacks, so it was very hard to spot 'em! (We also had a ton of TARANTULAS hopping around outside! True! But they stayed outside, so that wasn't tooooo bad!)

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