Friday, August 07, 2009

My Brave Face (1989)

When I got my very first answering machine in 1989, this was the first clip that I put on. (Back then, you had to hold up the tiny holes of the answering machine right up next to the stereo speakers to record, and then quickly press "pause" on your stereo equipment when you wanted the clip to be done.)

Such an exuberantly happy alone-again song. I listened to the whole "Flowers in the Dirt" album constantly in the spring and summer of 1989. During the time when I first met Mollie. Whom this album had nothing at all to do with. (After I got into her, the only music we listened to was stuff that she deemed "cool" -- stupid, dark club stuff. Too bad. She, we, could have done with a little bit of what I liked -- some intelligently tuneful pop. Like this great song!)

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