Saturday, August 01, 2009

Thank you, Dr. Wayne Dwyer

"I'd rather be loathed for who I am
than loved for who I am not."

OK, on principle I hate the middle-class feel-good guru Wayne Dwyer (just as I on principle hate the similarly feel-good Joel Osteen)!

But I was trolling late-night TV a night or so ago, and came across Dwyer on a PBS station. His advice for living is mild and generic as a whole, but at the end of his lecture, he listed the above quote...

I feel like I've been living by that self-discovered important-to-me precept for the majority of my life, maybe starting at age 8 or so. And have gotten LOTS of shit for it over the decades: "You're always causing trouble. You're always the drama queen." When in fact, no, I had no particular desire for "trouble" or "drama." (Though I didn't give a shit if that was the result.) I was just being true to what I thought -- not randomly thought, but after consideration -- was the truth, as unpleasant as others might have found it, and as judgmental as they might have then been of me for speaking up.)

Gee, now that Dr. Dwyer has publicly told middle-class America that it's OK to think like that, might I have an easier time of it?? (Hah!) ;p

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