Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Done Broke Down

My VCR/DVD players don't work. When I moved into this apartment last year, the cable man looked at them and fidgeted around and claimed, "They just don't work." So I can't watch movies here. ("I can't watch movies here??" Jesus! I used to be so excited by whatever Netflix movie arrived next.)

My computer, bought in 2000, works, but it doesn't work swiftly. As the webmaster of a Joan Crawford website, one of the neat things about the site was being able to find new pictures on the web and post them to the Joan photo gallery. Now, my computer doesn't allow me to download from eBay or other web sources without hours and hours of transferring (rather than the simple "click, copy, save").

Nor does said computer, being so old, allow me to download photos from the new digital camera I just bought after the old one broke. I used to love wandering around NYC and Weehawken shooting things, and it was fun posting the pictures here on my blog. Now, no can do.

Listening to music/making mixes: In the olden tymes of CDs/tapes, I would spend hours making mix tapes of songs I liked. Now, I don't have an iPod. And my computer is too slow to download any songs (not that there's anything to download songs TO).

And this is a silly thing to throw in, but... My left eye, for the past 6 months, has gone blurry! I obviously now need glasses, but, being unemployed and having no insurance, can't afford them. I'm a copy editor/proofreader by trade. This sucks mightily work-wise. And spare-time-wise, also: I can't read small print any more. The listings in "The New Yorker," for instance, or the expiration date on a dressing bottle.

Speaking of the latter: I was in the Pathmark supermarket today, on the soup aisle. And a woman in her 70s approached me sheepishly. She said she didn't have her glasses with her... could I please tell her the expiration date on the can of soup that she wanted to buy? I had to squint and squint and squint before I could help her out! (March 2011)

I'm sick to death of being poor and decrepit! Jesus H. Christ. Is it too much to ask in this day and age that my DVD player works, that my computer be capable of downloading photos, that I can make mix tapes, that I can help out people 30 years older than me in the grocery store without too much strain?


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