Wednesday, September 09, 2009

How anal am I??

I was cleaning up some old papers lying around, and came across this, notes to myself written July '08... about a pizza delivery gone wrong! Here're my notes, verbatim:

7/15 Monetti's

@5:30 - called - ordered delivery (woman answered)
- LG pepperoni
- sm. salad (no olives, no peppers)
Pd. over phone by debit card + $2.00 tip = $17.25

@5:50 - arrived - peppers in salad
- only a cheese pizza

I called @5:52 to say wrong order (same woman)
- She asked if I wanted new pie? Yes.
- said it would take 15 to 20 mins.

6:10 - She called back - "we only charged you for cheese. Have to pay extra."
I said - for all my trouble and waiting, can I get a break?
- She puts manager on phone.
- He says they'll send over a bag of pepperoni!
- I say "What??!"
- He finally agreed to new pie. But will take another 1/2-hr.

6:26 - arrives. (I give back old cheese pizza.)


It cracks me up that I wrote out all of that! But still...At the time I remember being utterly outraged at the stupidity and incompetence of these pizza folk! "A bag of pepperoni," my ass! :)

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Anonymous said...

Hah! A BAG of PEPPERONI!?!? Aren't people amazing sometimes?

I write down stuff like that all the time, then two years later I find the scrap of paper, don't even look at it (I can't bear to), then throw it away.