Monday, September 21, 2009

Spelling Queen Bee

Days ago, I posted here an upbeat message about a job I was excited about, and what a phantasmagorically great cover letter I'd written... Well, something had been bugging me for days afterward, and I finally just figured out what it is after checking my Webster's: In the cover letter, I misspelled the word "knowledgeable"! I didn't add the "e" after the "g"! (The worst thing is, when I used that word in the cover letter, I thought at the time about looking it up; but then thought, "Eh, it's one of those words where you can either leave or delete the "e" before adding the suffix, depending on house style..." Wrong!)

95% of employers wouldn't notice or care, but... copy editing/proofreading jobs??? OMFGeeeeeeee. When I was a supervisor hiring, the FIRST thing I'd notice was misspelled words in the resume!

Aaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrgh. (Did I spell THAT right?)

Reminds me of my 6th grade spelling bee. I won the school bee and was sent on to district. I made it down to the final 6, and then was done in by "pistachio." I was thinking of "Pinocchio" and other Italian words that I'd read with 2 "c"s, and I added an extra "c" in there!

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Anonymous said...

Don't feel bad. I won the spelling bee in the 5th grade; at the regional bee I was a finalist and misspelled "holiday." HOLIDAY. My mouth opened, and a stream of letters came tumbling confidently out: H-O-L-O...OOOOH SHIT. (I didn't really say "shit.") We still spell better than most people on earth.