Tuesday, September 08, 2009

There Is Always, Always Your Mother

by SS:

Sky Torn To Ribbons

When you tore the sky to ribbons
and left me wanting to die
I began seeing ribbons in the sky
painting the sky as shredded ribbons
looking out the window and saying 'oh my god, the sky has been torn to ribbons'

And then my bedroom was decorated, covered in fabric with blue and white shreds
of ribbons, hanging from top to bottom.
Draperies, my curtains were made of sky blue ribbons
torn to shreds, fabric covering my headboard, sky torn to ribbons.

Last night, as I continued to make a choice of crying or dying,
tearing the sky to ribbons or turning the shreds to fuel
I began dancing to the words...'thought I heard her calling my name, hush, hush....
sha na na na na na na na na, hush'
my fuel turned to fury as i danced in a rage and began letting go of the sky torn to ribbons
letting go of the sky still getting shredded
my wild dance of joy began with hearing 'hush, thought I heard her calling my name'
early in the morning, early in the evening.

It ended, or began, with discarding the sky torn to ribbons headboard
which supported my death like sleep, for seven years,
my deep blue sadness,
my despair for for just seven out of fourty
my headboard of shredded blue ribbons lasted long enough to let me rest
and begin to live, now.

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