Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Yelling at the neighbors

OK, the thing is: Up here (NYC/Joisey) people live very close together. And most of the people are aware of that, and so are consequently pretty quiet and well-behaved. However... a Dominican family just moved into one of the duplexes next to mine. And they're friggin' loud! They actually set up big umbrellas in their tiny back yard so they can be outside all day. (They apparently don't have air-conditioning.) And they spend the whole day running in and out of the house, SCREAMING left and right! I've counted 2 men, 2 women, and a boat-load of kids coming in and out of the place.

A few blocks west is Union City, aka "Dominican Central." But up 'til now, I've known Weehawken (bordering the Hudson River) to be pretty quiet.

Earlier today, after HOURS of these neighbors' shenanigans, I finally leaned out of my window and yelled at them: "STOP SCREAMING!" One guy looked up at me, and I repeated, "Stop screaming. Please." But he just looked back blankly, and the screaming continued into the day.

I felt creepy and awful yelling at the neighbors. Yet... SHUT THE FUCK UP! I beg you! Can't wait for the cold weather, when these Union City refugees will be forced to shut their doors and windows and stay the fuck inside.

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