Saturday, October 03, 2009

Scandalous males

Scandalous males are in the news lately, and the subject of discussion on both the Joan-board and among my Facebook friends. I thought I'd just go ahead and get all of my opinions out right here:

Jon Gosselin: A mere day or so after the producers of "Jon and Kate + 8" announced that the show's name would be changed to "Kate + 8" and Jon given a minimal role, Jon then announces that being on camera is bad for his kids and he forbids it. What a blatantly self-serving asshole.

David Letterman: While single, he had sex with adult females who worked for him. So what?

Roman Polanski: He had sex with a 13-year-old girl, after giving her drugs and alcohol. Allegedly consensual, after her own mother brought her over to his house. I kept thinking of the days of slavery: Back in the day, warring tribes in Africa would capture and sell the defeated to the white guys. Did that make it right? Similarly, if one's mother offers one up to someone else for sex, even if a famous director, does that make it right? Shouldn't the director have said no? If the girl had been 16 or 17, it would be a gray area for me. But 13? You don't have sex with 13-year-olds. Period. Put the creepy pedophile in jail.

John Phillips: Daughter Mackenzie Phillips says she and her father had sex numerous times over a 10-year period, usually while on drugs. The first time was a complete violation on the father's part, drugs or not. But after that? Why did Mackenzie continue to have sex with him, as an adult, over the next TEN YEARS? She wasn't a helpless child in his care. The violations occurred between the ages of 18 and 28. Ridiculous. Both John Phillips and Mackenzie Phillips are ridiculous.

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