Thursday, October 01, 2009

Wow... Thank you for the hope.

After writing my below (sad) blog entry, I checked my Joan-site e-mail, and found the following message:

"It's ______ again, and I was just thinking about you. I know you've had an extremely difficult year with your work situation and everything. I just want to tell you that everything is going to be changing for you by the end of October of this year.
I've studied astrology for many years, and over the last year you've had many work difficulties because the planet Saturn is in Pisces, and it is opposing all of your Virgo planets at the moment. This aspect will be ending, and things will look bright in your life again. So just hang in there."


RE: "everything changing by the end of October"? Coincidentally (?) that's when my New Jersey Unemployment Insurance runs out, and the deadline I've given myself to give notice here and move back to Texas (though I don't want to) if I haven't found a job...

HOPE! :) Thank you! :)

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