Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Congratulations, Yankees! / Sweat-pants!

Their 27th world championship, the most in any sport!

I must say, I seem to be a good-luck charm wherever I go... :) When I lived in San Fran in '94-'95, the dread Cowboy-rivals, the 49ers, won the Super Bowl. And while I've been living in NY, the NFC East Cowboy-rivals, the Giants, won the Super Bowl. And now this! :)

I didn't grow up as any sort of baseball fan, Texas or otherwise, so I can now be genuinely happy for my new home-town team, the Yankees! (Football-wise, though, I can NEVER be a Giants fan, since they're in the exact-same division as the Cowboys.)

p.s. I was in a happy mood this afternoon -- went and got a cheap ($28) but good Jersey haircut; then, on my 40-block walk home, stopped at a sporting-goods store and bought a $15 pair of sweat-pants, which also made me happy, having lived with 2 crappy, decrepit pair of sweat-pants for after-work-comfortwear for the past 5-or-more years. (The receipt from the sporting-goods store, and a sign in the window, said, "If the Yankees win the World Series, this location will open at 5 am the following day." It makes me happy to think that Yankee fans will be so excited that they'll be at the store at 5 am!)

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