Monday, November 02, 2009

Paparazzi/Lady Gaga

I can't get this song out of my head. I dreamt it last night, woke up hearing it, have been walking around with it all day...

Sorry to say, I don't find Gaga physically sexy in the least; despite her overt, constant "men-men-men, but I'm also bi" verbal and video proclamations of her ravenous sexuality, she seems, in actuality, much more like a dorky guy who becomes fabulous only when in drag. (For instance, check out the opening scenes of this long version of the video; they're supposed to be erotic, but to me seem only awkward. Despite all of her accoutrements, she's guy-stiff, doesn't at all move like a woman.)

But, as a performer and conceptualist, she's very mentally interesting! I started catching the tail-end of the video on MTV a couple of weeks ago, where a smirking, black-cupid-lipped Gaga is poisoning her boyfriend... I was first interested in the plot and the visuals, then... the catchiness of the song itself took over! (I also now find myself internally stuttering on about "mymymymymymymymypokerface"...)

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