Saturday, December 05, 2009

Facebook friends

You know what I like about Facebook? If you're prone to wild spurts of fancy like I always have been, you might have imagined various dramatic "fates" awaiting your high school or college classmates or old crushes; but Facebook calms you down, makes you feel better about yourself in that, once you get back in touch with the sundry people from your past, the vast majority of them are simply going about their business nowadays. The popular kids in high school that you envied, or had crushes on, are housewives or balding insurance salesmen or realtors. The "glamorous folk" in your poetry classes whom you thought, when you were 19, would be famous are wives or librarians or community college teachers. Some people that you once judged as hopeless are now as put together, or much moreso, than yourself.

Back in my club days, I carried around a decidedly sinister view of the world, which I've also been garnering from watching too much TV lately while unemployed -- "sinister" as in: a feeling that the world is controlled by the awful, soul-deadening, depth-less opinions of uber-rich party girls/housewives and shallow gay party boys, and if you didn't conform to THEIR standards, then you were lacking and mocked... Well, gee, wonder why I felt like that! Maybe 'cause the Worlds o' Club and TV ARE INDEED controlled by said demographics!

Facebook proves life ain't like that. (And NYC, also, proves the same daily. There's so MUCH here! All walks of life, all types of people. The botoxed are a tiny minority. The beautiful women here might have something to say. The gay men are more likely to be interesting MEN, not just stereotypical "club boys." I can't get over how SANE a place this is, all around, for the most part.)

I probably wrote all of the above because I was just thinking of an acquaintance from high school who recently contacted me via Facebook. In high school, I remember being in advanced classes with him; I remember his serious expression and straight blond bangs; I remember his being part of the Timberlake "rich kids crowd"; I remember that he had a severe stutter at that time, and that once, at a school English-class outing, he asked me to order his food for him because he was embarrassed to stutter in front of the fast-food clerk. And, as he just reminded me, I now remember the "Clash Day" contest he and I won together in junior high -- prizes for who could intentionally wear the most mismatched clothes! (Photo to come, he promises!)

He's now a good-looking, successful designer dividing his time between NYC and a western state, with a long-term successful relationship with a good-looking older man. And, for some reason, he thought of me enough to contact me... Perhaps he remembered a fellow high-school odd-ball. He was from the "good" crowd, but he stuttered... I was pretty and smart, but I was often depressed and "weird"... Or, maybe his contacting me is just the innate "gaydar" acting up! :) Gay Azle-ites in New York City! :)

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