Sunday, December 06, 2009

Hanker Chef

People who absolutely cannot spell are somewhat fascinating to me. I just was browsing on eBay for Joan Crawford things and came across someone selling a "Joan Crawford Hanker Chef."

A "hanker chef"!

The "fascinating" part for me comes into play when I start thinking about the life of someone who would spell "handkerchief" publicly that way...

(1) Have they never, ever read a book? (Admittedly, it's a tricky word to spell; I don't remember how I first learned it, but it was somewhere back in early grade school, when it kept popping up over and over again in various school texts. Eventually, at a young age, I picked up on how to spell it. Reinforced over the years by seeing the word again and again in numerous books.)
(2) Surely, when they were writing out their eBay ad, they had an inkling that they weren't spelling the word correctly, that certainly the word wasn't "hanker chef." Did they think to consult a dictionary? Did they not have a dictionary in their house?

Another thing that I came across recently (also in Joan-world) was "cold slaw." I was doing a Joan Crawford book review for an Amazon page, and someone there had accused Joan of throwing "COLD slaw" at a dinner guest. I wrote my review, and countered their claim of "COLE slaw" throwing -- correcting the spelling, thinking maybe there was just a typo on their part. But no, they came right on back with their COLD slaw!

My absolute pet peeve remains the mother of former Miami Heat basketball star "Anfernee Hardaway." My brother claims that I'm racist for thinking that Anfernee's mother simply didn't know how to spell "Anthony." Racist, Schmacist, I don't care! I'll bet you a million dollars that Hardaway's mom had heard the name "Anthony" but had no clue how to spell it, and so wrote down "Anfernee" on the birth certificate! (Same with player/coach "ISIAH Thomas" -- If you're going to name your kids biblically...then check your bible! It's ISAIAH, goddammit! Which reminds me of the story behind Oprah Winfrey's name: She herself said that she was named after the biblical character "Orpah" -- only her mom misspelled it "Oprah"!) :)

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Mrs. Thompson said...

I had a student once who said to me, "You're hurting my self of steam."
Really!! How do you NOT mock someone who says that (and thereby further injure their already damaged "steam")?? :-)

p.s. I surfed onto your site via google -- looking for lyrics to a song, believe-it-or-not! :-)