Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Long Lost

While I was home over Christmas, I was looking through old photo albums and at the family tree. I knew I'd had a sister that had died before me shortly after her birth. But I'd never thought about when her birthday was. In my life, I've found myself constantly attracted for some reason to either Scorpio women, or to women born during the Aquarius/Pisces cusp (late February). While at home, I just discovered that my dead older sister was born during the latter time frame. (I know the exact date/year, and it's a bizarre coincidence that it almost nearly matched someone I used to be in love with.)

Is there such a thing as free will, or are we actually bound by patterns?

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Joe said...

We are indeed bound by patterns... unseeable, mysterious coincidences.

I am watching the eponymous movie tonight, happened across your blog, am also a big JC fan, and was born on 2/21 (A/P cusp).