Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Reason for the Season

One of my Facebook Friends actually just posted this:

"They may want to take Christ out of Christmas, but they can never take Christ out of me. If you are proud to be a Christian and are not ashamed of Christ, then post this as your status for 1 day as a light to the world. Most people will be ashamed or scared to do this. ** Jesus is the reason for the season! **"

Now, I don't want to go around starting fights with my newfound Facebook Friends, but...I was so flabbergasted by the above that I had to respond there. Pointing out that "Christmas" didn't start out being called that, but was, rather, initially a pagan holiday designed to give ancient folk an excuse to feast during the shortest, coldest, most miserable day of the year (the Winter Solstice, December 21).

Once Christianity became more popular, Christians invented a birthdate for Jesus Christ (December 25, which scholars almost universally acknowledge is not the actual birthdate of Christ), and incorporated many of the local pagan customs into their newly created holiday. (The tree, worshipfully decorated and lit, which is the holiday centerpiece today of most homes, is completely a pagan holdover.)

And then there's "Saint Nick"/Santa Claus. I haven't done research into his origins. Judging by the "Saint," though, I assume that the concept of the Jolly Old Elf flying around the world delivering gifts somehow has its origins in the Church. (Though, with the "magical elf" part, I suspect there are also pagan roots to this, too.)

In short: Jesus AIN'T AT ALL the "reason for the season"!

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