Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Job Mania!

I had a phone interview today with an HR rep for the major company I've been temping for off-and-on since last summer. A real full-time job! With real benefits! (Can't even imagine what that's like any more.) Not to be a naysayer, but I most likely will not get this job; another temp -- who's been at the company a year longer than me -- is also applying. (Our boss told both of us about it at the same time; and the boss has been giving the guy more temp hours than me.)

But what stood out was a little nugget of info the HR rep shared: Apparently, the number of people who have applied for this one job is... 100,000. 100,000!!! Now, that CANNOT be right! That's just an insanely large number, even in this economy. But then, things are weird right now. My brother, who's an editor/writer for a small Texas paper, told me last year that when they advertised for a position, they got nearly 1,000 nationwide applicants. (Conversely, when he himself applied for his position nearly a decade ago, he was one of under 100 applicants, most of whom were from Texas.)

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