Saturday, February 27, 2010

Thank you for the snow storm!

Thanks, northern New Jersey, for letting me see 18 or more inches of snow for the first time in my life. It's pretty. And people, for the most part, shovel their walks, and the Weehawken trucks are out scraping the streets and laying down gravel immediately. There's hardly any problem at all getting around. WHAT is the big dramatic "blizzard" deal?? There was hardly a blizzard. Just a lot of snow falling. Sigh.

That said, buses from Joisey into NYC were suspended today because of the snow. I'd had only 2 days all week of temp work scheduled, one on Friday. Couldn't go because of no bus. Didn't care. I've given up at this point. Instead, I walked around for 2 hours out there, with my red snow boots (that a random lady off a bus once told me was "quite a statement").

Pretty, pretty snow. At least 5 snowmen counted. (No pictures, because my new camera, bought last year, won't download to my 2000 computer. Though I so wanted to take pretty pictures!) Snow on trees, snow on statues, 2 feet of snow piled up on cars... A luminous, almost-full moon over the skyline of Manhattan across the Hudson, before the snowy fog rolled in to obscure it.

I must've walked 2 hours and 3 miles today, in my red snow boots, not really scared of any falls, or anything, just admiring how all-pretty...

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