Monday, March 29, 2010

I think I've just been Crank-Yanked... or somethin'!

There used to be an old show on MTV, I think it was, called "Crank Yankers," which featured Muppet-looking puppets acting out actual prank phone-calls. (You see the puppets as they make the calls, and hear real call recipients' voices on the other end of the line. Stuff like the old man puppet calling a cleaning service and asking if the lady will have sex with him after she cleans his house since his mean, crippled wife upstairs won't put out. Funnily, most of the real-life people are extremely patient under quite bizarre circumstances.)

Anyhow, this past weekend, I had furniture/appliances for sale online, including a phone number to call. Almost immediately after I posted my ad for my TV, what sounded like an old Chinese woman called. She raved on and on about what a great deal it was and said her son would come pick it up immediately. And since I sounded so nice on the phone, she was going to send me a special dish as a present. I told her "no, no, thank you, but you don't have to give me food." But she insisted, and said her son would be there with the food and cash for the TV in 15 minutes... OK, a little odd, but maybe she's just super-nice.

Well, 15 or so minutes later, the doorbell rings. I rush downstairs. And there's a Mexican or Central American delivery guy there with a food delivery from a Chinese place. I was puzzled. I'd thought the woman said she was sending over some HOME-MADE food with her son, along with cash for the TV... Hmmm. Maybe she owns a restaurant and sent me something from there... So I started to thank the guy and take the food; but then he gave me a total to pay! "It's not already paid for?" No, it was not! So there was the guy, waiting for his money. And there I was, trying to explain to him -- and him not understanding English very well -- that I hadn't ordered the food, that an old Chinese woman had just called me and said she was sending her son to buy a TV and bring me some food... He was utterly bewildered, as was I. I finally just had to apologize profusely and send him away with the food.

Well, a few minutes later, my phone rings again. It's the "old Chinese lady."
"So, you likee your food?" [Truly, she said "likee."]
"Um...There was a delivery guy just here, but he was from a restaurant. And he wanted me to pay for the food. Did you order that?"
"What?? That my son! I told you I was sending you food! You no likee my food?"
"Ma'am, I thought your son was coming here to buy my TV! This was a delivery guy from a restaurant! And he wanted to charge me for the food."
"That my son! That my son! He supposed to give you money and food, and you give him TV!"
"Ma'am, the guy at the door looked Mexican! He wasn't Asian! I don't think that was your son! And he didn't mention a TV..."
"What?! You can't tell difference between Asian and Mexican? What's wrong with you..."

At that point, I thought, "Oh my god, I'm going mad" and hung up...

Today, it's funny as hell, but at the very time, I was really kind of disturbed by how weird the situation was! Thus...what a good prank! :)

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