Monday, May 24, 2010

My Klimt-suit

For some good reason, over 5 years ago, I was able to find a swimsuit that looked just like a Klimt painting! I love this swimsuit! It's been in storage for the past 3 years, while I was in NY/NJ and unwilling to schlep all of my swim-gear on the subway to get to a local beach. ("Gear" = the necessities: chair, towel, sun-block, bottle of water, magazine. The chair was the hard part.) And then there was the matter of post-beach: Like hell I was going to come home on public transportation with my hair all raggedy and matted and my butt wet from the swimsuit! In short, for 3 long years up north, I didn't go swimming outside anywhere. And came home to Texas with the same yellowish-greenish pallor sported by so many Northeastern girls who weren't ever able to get out to the Hamptons! :)

Luckily, back home in Texas, my mom's subdivision in Austin has a pool. I've been out almost every day for the past 3 weeks since I've been here. Thank god. Since I was about 8, I've always felt better, and better-looking, with a tan. I like the healthy glow. My hair grows faster, gets sun-bleached. I get skinnier in summer from "exercising" -- aka "splashing around." And lying out by the pool, any pool, for an afternoon is almost always mentally relaxing (as is playing out there with the nephews, which I've also been doing).

OK, so three reasons for being glad to be back home in Texas: Better tan, better hair, and... I love wearing that cool Klimt-suit, even if it's getting a bit saggy after all these years! :)

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