Sunday, June 20, 2010

Books, the Motherfuckers

Books are a pain in the ass to haul around, that's for sure. And they're also a pain in the ass when you have billions of 'em to try to fit in to a one-room apartment. They're also definitive, though. When I moved to NYC in 2007, I asked my mom to mail me what I thought were the "essentials": all of my Joan stuff, all of my reference books (for work purposes), the books that had something to do with NYC (Lennon, Salinger, Frank O'Hara). (Only a couple of shelves' worth. And then I bought more while I was there, 11 or 12 books just about NYC, mainly purchased from the Strand bookstore. All of which I had to ship back home at the end of March.) I missed the rest of them a lot. I didn't feel like myself without ALL of my books around me.

Now that I'm back in Austin, out of my Mom's place, and into my own place... it's nice to be reunited with all the "other" books that have been in storage in my mom's garage for the past 3 years. Luckily this one-room apartment has some built-in shelves (one of the things that made me like it). I bought a cheap Target fake-wood bookcase to house some of the books, too. Between the built-in shelves and the cheapo shelf, all of the books are nearly situated...

A home's a home when you have: a cat, plants, candles, your books/music... So far, I've got all of my books and music, plus candles, at least!

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