Saturday, June 26, 2010

"I'm 93, you're 16..."

This KISS album has a lot of connotations for me. It came out in '74, but I didn't discover it until '77 or so, after the success of "Double Platinum" sent me on a KISS album-buying binge.

My parents had just divorced. Dad was living in a cheap Fort Worth apartment, and we kids were visiting him on weekends, when he'd take us to the closest mall and buy us a present, just for something to do.

While with him at the mall, I begged for this KISS album... When I took it home (to Mom) with me, she was quick to notice the naked ladies on the back cover and gripe at my dad for that. Then there was the lecture about "not having to buy our love," as well! ;p (Jesus. A $7.99 album is just a NICE, not a "love-purchasing," thing! And the naked floozies on the back cover were just interesting things to see for the first time! Give us all a break, Ma!) :)

This whole album turned out to be good -- dark and murky and interesting to listen to over and over again. I was especially fascinated by this song here, "Goin' Blind" -- Gene's 93-year-old persona singing of his love for a 16-year-old... At the time, at age 12, I still considered KISS to be the most decadent of bands, sure that if I listened carefully, I'd find out about some of life's forbidden mysteries...

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