Thursday, June 03, 2010

Kick Ass

There are two things I really kick ass at: my Joan Crawford website and my copy editing skills. (Ha! If I were such a kick-ass copy editor, I would've written: "There are two things at which I really kick ass"!) :)

I'm serious, though. There is not a better celebrity website than mine. And, after 3 years in NYC, I never came across anyone who was a better copy editor, or anyone who was even as good. (Mind you, I -- obviously -- never worked for The New Yorker! I guess those folks are the cream of the copy editing crop. But... after 3 months at The New Yorker, I would've definitely been up to speed with the best in-house copy editors there. The temp places where I did work: a major financial company, major educational publisher, major newspaper, major law firms -- my work was better than anyone else's that I saw.)

What brings on this gust of gumption after months of feeling like shit all the way around? Just took an electronic copy editing test. And was catching tricky thing after tricky thing until I started feeling cocky: "Bring it on! You can't hide that! Come on. Is that all you got?" I really knew my stuff. It felt so goddamn good to just ACE something after months and months of floundering around on all fronts.

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