Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Poor Girl's Entertainment Center

Dig this shot from my new apartment! State of the Art, circa 1999! :)

I've been doing the best I can to set up my new $545-a-month apartment with no steady job and little money: In this picture: The 2 shelves were $12 apiece from the closest "Family Dollar" store. The TV ('99 Samsung) was $20 from a woman on Craig's List. The TV table is a cast-off from my mom. The DVD player/boom-box (do they still call them that??) I bought when I was in NY and had them shipped back.

According to my mom, this Friday I was "spending like a sailor on shore leave." I need stuff for my apartment, have a little bit of money coming in from my freelance work... What the fuck is extravagant about the below?

I just checked all of my receipts: $261.10. And here's what I got for my $261.10 this past Friday:

A printer/fax/scanner from Best Buy (with cable, ink cartridge)
A pillow, dish rack, 2 bookcases, Comet, Raid, hooks, Post-its, toilet paper from Family Dollar
A basket and bathroom rug from Marshall's
A comforter, set of sheets, bath mat, beach towel, towel set from Ross.

How fucking extravagant and "sailor-like" of me! I'm just so darn wild-n-crazy when it comes to buying dish-racks, et al! :0

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