Tuesday, July 06, 2010


We'll see how this goes...

My Austin apartment lease runs through March 31, 2011. Between now and then...god help me get a job appropriate to my Master's degree and subsequently get enough money to go back to New York/New Jersey.

I can't stand the heat down here. I can't stand the Ugly. I can't stand the Nothingness.

Truthfully, I gave up on my 3rd job search in 3 years up North because I was bored and disgusted with trying to sell myself 3 times. But also because I wanted to come back home and see what might have been between me and Sandra. Just learned this past July 4th weekend that there was nothing there. That given... Sans any human connection, I'd like to go back to the geographical place that I discovered I love.

The glamorous fall trees in New York and New Jersey call my name! :) As do the New York City subways and buildings. I'll make do with where I am, but... I hate where I am. And I want to go back to where I was for 3 years.

We'll see what happens.

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