Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hope springs eternal

Thank you to for this tiny ray of hope! :)

Your horoscope for July 21, 2010
You tend to be rather sensual, STEPHANIE, but today you could surpass even your own expectations. You may have been feeling stressed and exhausted, yet at the same time restless, and an intense romantic encounter may be just what you need. There could be pressures around you, however, that demand too much of your time. Do what's most urgent, then make the time to be alone with your mate. At this time especially, it can be very healing.

Gee, maybe the guy at my beer store will be available Wednesday when he gets off work! ;p

Stressed, exhausted (from nothingness), restless... You betcha. I feel like I've been completely without any MOJO whatsoever for the past YEAR! It's deadening just "existing" instead of "living." All of the recent "Sandra stuff" was especially draining emotionally. But upon thinking about it: It was usually, not just recently, more of a one-way energy exchange -- me giving, not getting much back, then getting mad about the lack (the anger also draining me). Not very healthy a'tall.

One thing to look forward to: In a couple of weeks, I should be venturing up to the Dallas/Ft. Worth area to spend a weekend with an old junior high/high school friend. She and a group of other of my old friends get together for a "girls' night" once a month -- this time, I'll be her "surprise guest"! :) I'm REALLY looking forward to it! I've been so isolated for so long. While in NYC, the beauty and novelty of my surroundings helped to assuage my loneliness. Since I've been home in Austin, I've been almost completely by myself, with nothing external to help counter my inner isolation. It's been hard. What I REALLY need now is a weekend of reconnection/staying up 'til all hours with old friends talking and laughing. Sad, but right now I can't even imagine ever feeling GOOD again. Everything's been so desolate lately.

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