Saturday, July 17, 2010

How nice is this?!

I have a Joan Crawford website, and just got the below message from a new reader. Things have been so shitty for me psychologically recently... Good wishes like this, about my work, give me the heart and courage to go on whenever I feel utterly despondent: "Something I do is good and worthwhile and helpful to people!" Thank you, C.!

Isn't the internet a trip? Your Joan site is surreal. I just discovered it a few moments ago! Last night I watched Mommie Dearest for the first time in almost 30 years. I know it's unflattering to Joan's memory and a lot of her fans probably resent Christina for writing the book, but by god is it ever camp! I laughed my butt off, it was SO over the top.

So this morning, with the images of Joan's twisted cross eyed face still fresh in my mind, I thought I'd look up Christina on the net. I was curious to find out how/where she is today and if life has been kinder to her in the past years, and that's how I found your site! And what a gem! I can't believe how comprehensive it is.

It's people like you that make the internet a fabulous place to explore. I tried to fight the computer age for as long and as hard as I could, but alas it was stronger than me, I had no choice, I had to give in. So here I am today, looking through your fabulous work and feeling grateful that the machine won out! :o)

Another aspect to your site that I especially love are the great friendships that have no doubt been found among the fans who all have their love for Joan in common. It's a really beautiful thing don't you think?! No matter where we look, we're confronted by so much that is wrong in the world today. Having a place to go where the common thread is the shared love of a movie star from the Golden Age of Hollywood has created the perfect refuge for so many of us "out here" who are fed up with so much of what's wrong "out there"!

An interview given by Christina to Redbook Magazine in 1960? Are you kidding me? I thought for sure it would be nothing more than a few lines or even just a few photographs that accompanied the original story when it was published. So I gave it a look and it was THE WHOLE interview! From 40 years ago?!! Unreal.

I'm sure your work has produced so many wonderful things beyond just being a site devoted to Joan's life and career.

I can't wait to sink my teeth into it today!

Love C., a fan in Toronto!

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