Saturday, July 24, 2010

The One-Room Blues

You think the world is wide.

There is nothing here for me.

I worked at K-Mart when I was 16 because I lived in Azle, Texas, and that was all that was available to me.

Since then, I've lived in Austin, San Francisco, New York City. I've gotten a Master's degree in literature, gotten world/life experience, worked for national/international companies.

And now that I'm unemployed you expect me to go back to the K-Mart to earn $7 or $8 to pay my new $545-per-month rent...

I'm interested enough in daily things to not kill myself. I like TV, reality shows. I like working on my Joan Crawford website.

But if I weren't interested in these things, I'd shoot myself in the head. There's something not right here. I've earned my keep. I've been working since I was 16. I worked 20 hours a week when I was in high school, and 30 hours a week when I was an undergrad, and when I was in grad school. I earned $20 an hour before I left Austin and $28 an hour when I first moved to New York. I could survive when I was being paid survival wages.

Fuck these non-survival wages. Fuck this whole situation: A 44-year-old with a Master's degree and over 10 years of publishing experience forced to seek $10-an-hour jobs, like a fucking sweat-shop worker.

There is something extremely wrong here.

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