Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Bussin' it!

After about 10 weeks (!) I finally got off my ass last week and made an appointment with my hairdresser for today. (What was I waiting for? I always feel like shit when my hair gets raggedy, which it does after 5 or 6 weeks. I guess since I was moping around for the past month anyway, thought I'd just add my crappy hair to my list of woes!)

I must say that usually Haircut Day is a good day. For one thing, you get to drive home tossing your hair and feeling cute, and then get to spend the rest of the day and evening feeling cute whenever you look in the mirror at home. UNLESS, THAT IS, YOU HAD TO WAIT FOR 55 MINUTES IN 101-DEGREE HEAT TO CATCH A DANG BUS AFTER THE HAIRCUT AND BY THE TIME YOU GOT HOME YOUR HAIR WAS A SOPPING WET MESS, THUS RENDERING INEFFECTUAL THE JOY OF HAIRCUT DAY!!!

[Serenity Now!] I must say, though, that my bus trip TO the salon was a pleasant one. I actually checked the schedule ahead of time, arrived at the stop 10 minutes early; the bus was exactly on time, and I got to the salon in 15 minutes. Delightful! But I was just BORED with the idea of checking the schedule for when the bus would be returning home. It runs, allegedly, every 30 minutes, so I thought I'd just gamble post-salon; prolly it would come after 10 or 15... HAIL NO.

And the stop where I was waiting was absolutely shadeless. Wait, I take that back. The shadow cast by the sign-post on the corner was about 6 inches wide. And I actually angled myself sideways so that I was partially covered! So full of ingenuity!

And yet still so completely sweaty after the 55-minute wait. I did enjoy the bus driver's conversation, though. (Still not sure who she was talking to exactly; there was no one up front near her...) I learned that she'd once gotten cussed out by a passenger -- IN WRITING! (Apparently by one of the deaf/dumb/blind/crippled and/or State Hospital folk who seem to be the primary bus patrons in this town.) And that one time a woman in a wheelchair was afraid the driver wouldn't stop before the woman made it to the bus-stop...so she wheeled on out into the street IN FRONT OF THE BUS and toodled along in the street at 2-miles-per-hour, just to ensure that the bus wouldn't pass her by...

It's The Bus Life, Baby! ;p

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