Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I can't believe it...

...I finally, actually have a busy schedule for the next month or so! You see, I've been invited on a whirlwind, all-expenses-paid tour of Europe. I have only a week to shop for clothes before we're off!

Um, yeah, if you believe THAT, you'll believe anything! :)

Actually, I really do suddenly have a busy schedule for the next few weeks. Work-, not Paris-, related, which is just fine with me! (Anything that doesn't involve lying on my bed and watching every single reality show known to mankind, and their re-runs, for 12 hours a day is just fine with me!)

After months of lethargy, just doing sporadic work for one company, I'm suddenly involved with freelance projects for, count 'em, FOUR different publishing companies! Not just taking tests for them, but actual assignments ASSIGNED to me, accompanied by web/phone meetings, deadlines, paychecks, etc.!

I've been so starved for work that I'm now grabbing up anything/everything that all four companies offer me. I think once I finish my first assignments for the new three, I'll have some idea of how much I actually can and cannot take on after that. But for now, through October: Bring it ALL on! I WANT to work 10-hour days. I WANT to go to bed actually tired at, say, midnight, instead of at 6am after hours of drinking beer and goofing around on the computer. (I also, needless to say, WANT new clothes, an iPOD, a SmartPhone, a love-seat, some rugs, some prints for my walls... oh, and a friggin' CAR! That's all!) :)

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