Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Just for the record:

First cool night of the Austin fall season: Sunday night, September 26.

Since I moved into my apt in late June, I've had sheets and a comforter on my bed, but have always just lain on top of the comforter to go to sleep. (The window-unit AC in the apt works fine, but it's annoying with its very loud, constant off/on during the night. In the past few months, I've just been shutting it off when it was time to go to sleep. So... no covers on me when I've gone to bed,'cause it always got too hot.)

Last night, though... It got down to 57 or something! (The first time below 75 or so at night since June.) :)

I was able to actually get under covers to go to sleep for the first time in over 3 months! It was cozy!

The next morning, Monday the 27th, the air still cool and fresh, I jumped right up, did grocery shopping (a major chore with no car, involving bus schedules and lugging shopping bags home on foot for a mile after getting off the bus)... Didn't dread it for the first time in months, and didn't come home completely sweaty and exhausted this time! Was actually liking waking up and moving about!

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